A healthy person never has to take a drug. A healthy person never has to have surgeries. A healthy person has no cancer, diabetes, or heart disease.  A healthy person lives without illness, sickness, or dis-ease. Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.

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Ideally you should wake up in the morning full of energy and vitality, content, and feeling absolutely great. You go throughout the day with energy, a bounce in your step, a smile on your face.
You don’t feel stressed, anxious, or depressed; you don’t feel tired, you have no headaches or pain in your body; you are not overweight and you don’t get colds or flu’s or sickness.
You don’t get dis-eases, you have no pain, you’re not ravenous with your appetite, you eat what you want and you are never that hungry. You don’t deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy. You go to sleep at night and you sleep soundly and peacefully and get a wonderful whole night’s rest. Your sexual desires are healthy and strong, and you are capable of both giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Your skin, your hair, and your nails look healthy and radiant. You have strength and tone in your muscles. Your body is fluid, graceful, and flexible. You are firm, strong, vibrant, and feel great!

This is exactly the intent of this site. Giving you the info and resources to feel like that. All the time.

For healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual body I use New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation.
In Life Coaching my ideal – amongst other things – is not to help you think outside of the proverbial box but to ask you what box? I don’t see any box!

Doc Hollywood